Friday, 5 February 2010

How Do I Make Money Online?

With Patience,

By now you are probably aware that there are a myriad of ways in which to start your online experience!

Whether you're just here for kicks and education or at the beginning of an online presence, that will catapult you, into a new lifestyle, earning you a residual income or better still a full time salary, there is one thing that ALL of us need; TRAFFIC!

Have you tried MLM? Did they tell you that you'd be earning from their matrix within months, weeks even days?

Did your Upline, Sponsor, Guru ever contact you, call you, speak with you, other than to send you another email telling you how great they were and that you were to follow them, regardless.

Were you told that you could spend your way out of the lack of sales by purchasing a 'list' of targeted, pre qualified, red hot leads?

How much did you spend before you realised that no-one was going to give you the assistance you wanted to get your business off the ground? That the list of people you bought would just sit in fear; not making a decision, procrastinating over whether they should trust you or the program you were signed up to? Or the fact that because of SPAM issues you couldn't even contact the list of 5000 people unless there were truly 'qualified'.

Don't do this anymore. Take responsibility for your own actions and build your own business. Only spend money where you have to (dependent on your level of expertise) on the basic, intermediary and advanced tools that will give you an ROI (Return on your Investment). Be consistent and develop your skills.

By the way, some of the traffic generating tools you need are FREE, its just a case of knowing where they are. If you follow the link your road to Freedom is assured.


Matt Bland

Monday, 5 October 2009

Time Flies when you're having fun!

Communication: Devils Advocate!
Most of us could be accused of having many
inadequacies that effect our daily lives but is a lack of
communication one of them..?
Is this YOUR Achilles heel?

So much of our time is spent in one form of
communication from another (verbal and non verbal)
that we rarely have a chance to look back and analyse
our actions. Let's face it (no pun intended) body
language online, isn't a skill that's required, is it?

Question: How do You inject pace, expression, color/
colour (via voice tonality) to your emails?

As a senior marketing and business consultant for the
majority of my working life, 'we' were trained to adopt
the 6 'P' theory. i.e. Prior Planning Prevents P_ss Poor
Performance. We were told that analysis of our
performance after a meeting (either one to one or
group 'think tank') was critical in being able to adopt
a more cohesive conversation and superior critical
path, the next time around.

Training comes in many forms and from many tutors,
so how do you choose the wheat from the chaff?

Some of you may have experienced , 'The script', 'the
product knowledge' & so on. You may have been
trained to write up notes post meeting or notate them
on a laptop for future debate - all necessary skills.

Lets face it communicating online is a recent
phenomenon (even though it feels like a millennium)
unless of course you were born within the last twenty

So where do you get your inspiration from?

Do you take it from anywhere, from anyone?

When do you know enough to feel comfortable to DO

All good questions but the chances are that you will
still be asking yourself these and many more questions
besides each and every day.. so what are you waiting
for? Your first Sale?

Building a business takes time and needs solid
foundations. Find something/someone that resonates
with you. If you've not been in sales or marketing
before then take advice, read as much as you can
to build your knowledge, talk to as many qualified
people as you can and see what works.
Learn from others.

I only recommend those programs that I am a member
of and have tested personally that resonate with me.
If you have any questions that you would like to ask
me email me at :-


Matt Bland
MBA Creative Solutions.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Home Based Business?

Hello & Welcome,

Theme: Fishy Tales

Everyone and their dogfish seems to be looking towards
the Internet nowadays for their shiny new career. We
can all see the lure, it sparkles brightly in the sea of
cyberspace, twisting, spiralling and glistening; blinding
us from the reality that is 'open air'; another dimension
and just as vast. Is it a good plaice to build a home
based business?

We all start with hopes of becoming the next 'Big Fish',
the bigger the better. We dream of being fed our daily
dose of plankton, krill (if you will); remember you're a
particularly large sea water based mammal. We swim
to the ends of the earth to reach our goal and arrive to
find, that it’s frozen (at both ends)!

So we've swum thousands of miles, crossed oceans of
doubt and despair and conquered them, only to be met
by a 176 yard high wall of ice (of which nine tenths and
more is below us). That's an avergae of one mile thick
or 1.6Kms (Antartica)

I don't know about you but I'm becoming snow blind
and sea sick at the same time, so enough of the analogy
for now....

Fact ?
I've been told, that anything from 70% to 90% of all
people who attempt to make the journey, fail at making
an online business work. This means that, in the worst
case scenario, for every ten people who read this blog
only one of you will ever make it. So my objective is to
make sure that all of you are at least informed about
these lucrative but sometimes troubled waters.
If I can help even better.

Question: If failure is our destination what possesses us
to swim like salmon upstream only to collapse and die?
Is it because we can see others being successful?
We can see the evidence in front of us? Surely with the
right training, tools, luck we can do it too? Can we rely
upon this or is it just an illusion, sea mist from the deck
of a Sunseeker? No You can do it too!

Why then are there hundreds of affiliate programs all
saying the same thing? What are they trawling? Many
purport to be there for you and help you on your way?
They make all the right noises and present you with a
net full of all the right tools (at a cost). So are they right
for you?

Let’s discuss PPC (pay per click).
Have you tried PPC Yet?

Let’s go back to school - you'll need..

1. Search Engine/s ; Google;Yahoo;MSN
2. CPA (Click per Action) account/s
3. Tracking Capabilities
4. Ad Copy (writing) skills
5. Research Tools, e.g. Keyword
6. Ad Editing Platforms e.g. Adwords Editor
7. Marketing Techniques
8. CashFlow
9. Credit and so on..
There are both free and fee based options for each

Take the affiliate route to riches i.e. selling a product or
service on behalf of someone or somebody else and
again, in this instance, we shall use the mechanic of PPC
(pay per click).

There are many examples I could refer you to but let’s
stick with the most popular of sites and I'll put my first
cast out to catch, a ClickBank model.

ClickBank is probably one of, if not the most well known
and intuitive sites in the Western Hemisphere but can
you make money online from it?

Let me know how you've done, if you have made a

I have been part of some nine affiliate PPC programs
over the past twelve months (testing the waters); before
I found one that helped me achieve my goals in the PPC
arena. This is just one of hundreds of ways to make
money online.

PPC isn't for the risk averse and certainly takes large
spherical object’s , no offence ladies! If you can find your
niche you can make a living. However in my humboldt
opinion PPC isn't where you should go when you're
just starting out.

Network Marketing in the form of MLM, has to be one
of the quickest, simplest routes to pursue your dream.
No experience required and a small amount of capital
($10 pcm) will get you up and running.
It has enormous potential for minnows.

The main issue here is that because you spread your net
over the whole globe, it isn't easy to build one to one
relationships with those who become members through
your link, unless you’re prepared to work hard and put
yourself out there. We'll forget the fact that you have to
be multi lingual, awake 24/7, cultural wizard rootin
tootin shootin son of a gun......That's what email and
time zones are all about, the key is to use it and
communicate any way you can. Anyway I digress..

The potential audience reach is huge! With tools like
autoresponders, the enduring 'vogue', the personal touch
goes out of the window for your 'upline ' and you're left
thinking that all the big fish are 'just not there for you'!
This is the case with some organisations and complacency
is like chum that feeds the sharks in certain 'seas'.

MLM however is an excellent spawning ground to learn
the skills on how to feed your desire; some organisations
even come with sophisticated marketing tools e.g. capture
pages; lead managers; auto responders etc.. all for the
price of surf and turf!

A few examples of the above are on this blog.

If you have any comments or feedback please email me.

Keep up the Good Work


Matt Bland
MBA Creative Solutions